Electroblowing Solutions: e-Aerospinner

Aerospinner™ is also the name of electro-blowing systems of the company, which is available in lab scale.

It takes up little space, gives you the chance to produce nanofiber with electro-spinning, electro blowing, and aero spinning method. It is easy to use and move. It gives scientists the chance to carry out their experiments easily.

Aerospinner M1.0: Lab scale electro blowing
Nozzle Sliding Speed: 1-10 m/min
Nozzle Collector Distance: 200-600 mm
Rotation Velocity: 280 rpm
Pressure Regulator: 0-10 bar
Sample size (Max): 65 mm x 220 mm
Vacuum Capacity: 380 m³/hour x 2
Number of nozzles: 1
Feeding Solution Scale: One syringe
Stroke Length: 250 mm
Electric voltage supplier: Up to 30 kV
Full control over the values of the pressurized air with barometer placed on the side of the machine
The surface area is coated with Teflon for faster and easier cleaning
A proper place is set for syringe pump