Nanofiber Solutions Aerospinner

AeroSpinner™ was designed to meet the requirements from technical textiles industry. Production of uniform nano & microfibrous media for novel applications.

AeroSpinners are superior than other systems, allowing low energy consumption and high productivity as compressed air is used as driving force for fiber formation. AeroSpinners are user friendly devices with a built-in control panel and no electrical shock problems. Even with lab scale AeroSpinner™ L1.0, fibrous mats can be produced from a variety of polymers with dimensions up to 500x500 mm.

Aerospinner L1.0: Lab scale solution blowing
Nozzle Sliding Speed: 1-10 m/min
Nozzle Collector Distance: 100-400 mm
Stroke Length: 50-400 mm
Rotation Velocity: 10-220 rpm
Sample Size (Max): 400 mm X 500 mm
Vacuum Capacity: 1000 m³/hour
Pressure Regulator: 0-6 bars
Modifiers for Electroblowing: -15kV & +15kV power suppliers

Aerospinner L3.0: Industrial scale solution blowing
Nozzle Sliding Speed: 100 mm/min
Nozzle Collector Distance: 150-1000 mm
Number of Nozzles: Up to 400
Rotation Velocity: 10-220 rpm
Width (Max): 2000 mm
Vacuum Capacity: 10,000 m³/hour
Pressure Regulator: 0-6 bars
Industrial Scale Solution